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Little Dipper Trail Run


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and based on the guidelines of the CDC and local and state health officials, the Little Dipper Trail Run has been cancelled.

Instead, try the BIG DIPPER MICRO ADVENTURE CHALLENGE this weekend!

Take the pressure off of our busy parks and trails, get outside, and find the adventure right outside your door - all while thinking about spring and BIG DIPPER ICE CREAM!

Here are the rules to being an epic adventurer in your OWN HOOD!

  1. Start at your house
  2. Must be with members of your household in order to practice shelter in place based recommendations/restrictions
  3. Run/Walk/Hike either 1k, 2 miles, or 4 miles (or do all three!)
  4. NO Single Track Trails
  5. Notice 3 things you normally wouldn’t these can include but are not limited to: 
    1. Your favorite mailbox
    2. 3 plants that are blooming – what are they?
    3. Signs in windows
  6. What type of birds did you see?
  7. Cracks in the sidewalk that look like things
  8. 3 types of trees in our urban forest – what are they?
  9. Wave to at least 1 person and smile and say hello from 6 feet away

Optional but very suggested Additions:

  1. Order or purchase a pint of Big Dipper Ice Cream to enjoy afterwards.  
  2. Video/photo yourself eating that ice cream and send to 
  3. Tag your photos with #microadventure or #lildippertrailrun

Big Dipper Ice Cream has been a long time supporter of our community - tagging pics of your family enjoying ice cream will bring a smile to their faces!  Lets flood the world with micro adventures and ice cream mustaches!

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