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Tread of the Undead Zombie 5K


By now we have all heard the rumors that something is not quite right in the Missoula Valley. A few people have even claimed to have seen them; creatures better left to legend, shambling through the outskirts of town. Of course, such a thing is ridiculous. Zombies in Missoula? Such a thing would be too terrible to imagine. But someone must know the truth behind the rumors. And that someone could be you. On October 27, The Tread of the Undead Zombie 5k, a Run Wild Missoula event, will take place at Fort Missoula.

Questions? Contact Race Director Rebecca Collinson.

The race itself will be an un-timed, fun 5k that takes place on an all-terrain course with zombie hordes treading along the course. Please note, this course will not have additional obstacles as many other zombie races around the country. Instead your focus as a "human" participant will be to maneuver the course through the zombie hordes and not become "infected." Participants will wear a flag football type belt that has flags. The "zombies" along the route will try to pull these flags. If you cross the finish line with at least one flag, you are a survivor. If, however, the "zombies" pull all of your flags, you continue the course as an infected human. Click here for course map.

This race will be capped at 200 "zombies" & 400 "humans." So, please sign up early. Any participant under 13 years of age must have a parent or guardian participating along side of them for safety purposes. So, please sign up together to ensure there is room for both participants.

All participants also need to be respectful of the public areas we will be using. All Fort Missoula Museum buildings & displays need the utmost respect. Caution needs to be used in these areas as to not disturb these buildings or areas in any way.

As a race gift every participant whether signed up as "zombie" or "human" will receive a long sleeve race shirt & a survivor or zombie pin.

The race will begin at 1 p.m. with waves that will start every few minutes. Please arrive early. All participants need to be ready before 1 pm since waves will only be a few minutes apart. 

Runner registration and packet pick up and Zombie packet pick up (no race-day registration for Zombies) will be available on race day, Sunday, October 27 from 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at the Big Sky High School gymnasium. Optional zombie make-up application will be available at Big Sky High School from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

General Rules of the Tread of the Undead Zombie 5K:

1. No direct and intentional physical contact between "zombies" and "humans." This includes pulling, grabbing, hollding, pushing, striking, tackling, kicking, biting, spitting, or using any item to threaten or intimidate "zombies" from pulling flags or "humans" from continuing down the course. Any violators may be pulled from the course and escorted off the premises. Police involvement may be requested if needed. They will not be allowed to finish the race or be eligible for any prizes. They will not receive a refund.

2. Nobody under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be permitted and will not receive a refund. 

3. In general, no hand-held props will be allowed, especially, no weapons or mock weapons.

4. No pets or strollers allowed on course.

5. Participants and spectators must follow all instructions given from race organizers, representatives of Run wild Missoula, race volunteers and medical personnel.

6. There is no secure storage on-site. Please lock personal items in your vehicle during the race. Event organizers are not liable for any lost or stolen property. 

7. Please have fun in a safe manner and help create an enjoyable & memorable event. 

8. Additional rules may be added if deemed necessary at any time. 

"Human" Specific Rules for Tread of the Undead Zombie 5k:

1. If a "human" loses all their flags, please continue the course as an infected human. You do not become a "zombie" during the race and do not get to start pulling flags from "humans."

2. "Humans" must wear the flag belt around your waist & flags must be available for "zombies" to pull throughout the whole race. They must be visible & free of obstruction by course officials & "zombies." Do not tuck them into or cover them by other clothing. Do not wrap the flags around the belt. Do not hide, tie, saftey pin, or otherwise obstruct flags. Do not hold onto or block your flags from a "zombie's" reach. Do not have other items hanging from your waist that could be accidentally pulled in error. You must only use your ability to out-run or out manuever "zombies" to keep your flags. Any violation may result in disqualification. 

3. "Humans" must stay on course, no back-tracking or skipping corners to avoid "zombie" areas. If you are travelling with a participant under 13, please stay with them to the best of your ability. If you get ahead of them, please find a zombie free zone to stop & let them catch up. 

4. Please start in the wave you are designated for. These waves are created to spread people out and to ensure a safe & fun race. 

"Zombie" Specific Rules for Tread of the Undead Zombie 5k:

1. A "zombie" may never grab more than one flag from a runner. 

2. After grabbing a flag from a runner you must drop it off in the flag receptacle before going back to the course to be able to grab another flag.

3. "Zombies" are not allowed to run. You can reach, stumble, shuffle, walk, or creep, but no running is allowed. 

4. "Zombie" must stay within their designated zombie zone. 

5. "Zombies" must have distinguishing make-up & costume so "humans" will know they are "zombies." 

6. "Zombies" must not completely block the course path. Runners must have an opportunity to manueuver through the horde without completely varying from the course. 


"Humans," your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to finish the course without being "infected." You will wear a flag football-type belt with 3 flags. You will maneuver through the zombie infested course in hopes of keeping at least one flag throughout the race and over the finish line. Once you cross the finish line, you will either be a survivor, or "infected." The outcome is up to your skill to maneuver the course, your speed & a whole lot of luck.

Do not fear, if you think you may need more than 3 flags, you will have an opportunity to purchase extra ones. We will have additional flags available for sale the morning of the race. Please bring extra cash that morning to purchase them. The cost of these flags will be $3.00 for each single flag or $5.00 for each set of 2. These will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Race-day registration for "humans" & packet pick-up will be on the morning of October 27 starting at 10am at Big Sky High School. Please carpool if possible & park in the Big Sky High School parking lot. There will be no parking at the race start. 

You will receive a colored bib showing which wave you have signed up for along with a flag football-type belt. This belt will need to be worn with all the flags clearly visible as explained in the race rules. The zombies need to be able to pull the flags. Any unsportsman-like conduct may result in your removal from the race.

Please wear clothing that will allow you to maneuver safely through the zombies. To prevent possible injury, please do not have any other items hanging from you that may incidentally get grabbed by "zombies." Please also be sure to wear clothing that may get dirty. You may be in danger of dripping zombie blood or scabs. If you wish to wear a costume, you are welcome to do so. There will be prizes for best "human" costumes. However, please follow the guidelines above as well as the no prop, no weapon or mock weapon rule.

We plan to have 4 waves of approximately 100 "humans" each. If you want to have a better chance at getting through "zombies" in a group, please sign up together in the same wave. The waves will be a few minutes apart, so everyone should try to be there before the race starts at 1pm with ample time to pick up race essentials & be ready for the race.

Separating into waves will help people have room to safely dodge away from "zombies." So please stick to the same wave you sign up for. If, however, all waves do not fill up, we may combine the waves. We will try to make special care everyone is in similar groups. For example, if only five people sign up for wave 4 we may need to combine them with wave 3 & eliminate wave 4. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

"Zombies" are what this race is all about. That could be you if you sign up on time. Your mission will be to take flags from "humans" as they maneuver the course. They will be wearing a flag football-type belt around their waist for you to snatch flags from. Your goal...infect them all!

"Zombies" will be set up along the course in zombie zones. Each "zombie" will need to stick to their zone throughout the race. If you want to be in a zone with a friend or if someone 13 years or under is signing up to be a zombie, please register, then email us at as soon as possible. If it is a parent or guardian/child entry situation, please specify this by putting "Parent or Guardian/Child Zombie Zone Entry" in the subject line to ensure you will be in the same zone on race day. All other requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis with zone availability in mind. There will be no race-day registration for zombies.

You will need to provide your own zombie costume. Get some old clothes, tear them up, splatter them with fake blood and/or green ooze. You must be distinguishable as a zombie. Have fun with it. There will be prizes for the best, scariest, and funniest costumes. However, please follow the no weapon or mock weapon rule.

You will also need to come with most of your zombie make-up already done. We may be able to apply extra finishing touches for you the morning of the race if time allows. The earlier you come, the more likely you will have an opportunity for these extra touches. It will be on a first come, first served basis.

On race day, please arrive between 10am-12pm for packet pick-up, check-in & extra make-up application at the main gym at Big Sky High School. Even if you are not interested in extra make-up application, you must pick up your packet & check-in so we can disperse actual attending "zombies" along the course effectively. Please carpool if possible & park at Big Sky High School parking lot and follow the signs. The "zombie" meeting place will be in the Big Sky High School main gym. Again, please arrive early if you want any make-up extras applied.

After packet pick-up, check-in & additional make-up application you will be split into your zombie groups & will make your way to your designated zombie areas. Do not leave any possessions in the school or gym. The school will not be available once the race is over. Please place personal belongings in your car during the race. You must park at Big Sky High School as there will be no parking at the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula.

If you are interested in being a volunteer for the Tread of the Undead Zombie 5k, please email and indicate which volunteer opportunity you are interested in.

__Event set-up
__Race-day Registration Table & Packet Pick-up
__Extra Flag Purchase/Fema Table for Dispersement
__Make-up Application and/or Clean-up
__Course Aid Station Attendant
__Participant Refreshments Preparation & Dispersement
__Course Marshall
__Course Security
__Finish Line/Collect Belts
__Clean-up & Course Take-down
__Miscellaneous Duties

Please contact us with any questions or concerns at

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