RWM Staff

Trisha Drobeck, Executive Director

She / Her / Hers

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Trisha didn’t have much down time between high-level soccer, ski racing, and competitive dance. Wanting to further her passions for the outdoors and active lifestyle, she ventured to Missoula to attend the University of Montana where she majored in Journalism. It was after college graduation that a friend invited her to run a marathon. Trisha’s mom purchased her Hal Higdon’s Marathon and she began running and training for her first marathon which she finished in the fall. A love affair was born!

After a few years of running, Trisha found herself finishing near the front at races and decided to train harder and break three hours in the marathon. It took a handful of attempts over the years, but in 2011 it finally happened! After that, she was able to finetune and race her way into the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials and four Missoula Marathon Titles.

Professionally, Trisha worked for 15 years in sales and later as a sales supervisor for a leading manufacturer in the aquatics industry before coming aboard to lead the Run Wild Missoula team in 2021. She spends her down time trying to keep up on the trails with her husband Andy and chasing their two kiddos Maisie and Micah.

Raynee D, Operations and Event Coordinator


Raynee grew up exploring the Bitterroot Mountains where she built strong legs and a deep appreciation of the natural beauty of our state. She’d never run over a mile in her life until joining the military after graduating UM and found an extreme sense of success in being able to crush miles and experience the freedom of running with a pack of like-minded individuals.

The Army has taken Raynee to many places high and low where running has always been a source of joy, family, and competition. It’s only been in the past three years that she’s engaged in a lifelong goal of weightlifting and is passionate about helping others access their fitness goals no matter the obstacle.

Raynee has recently entered into an agreement with her 6 year-old to start racing together and they are both looking forward to the prospect. When not working at Run Wild, Raynee can be found picking up heavy objects, working on her cabin, appreciating time with her partner, reading, and trying new things.

Sidney Scarlett, Programs & Communication Coordinator

She / Her / Hers

Growing up in Seattle, Washington, Sidney has always enjoyed nature and all types of outdoor activities. While her time as a competitive rower in middle and high school kept her active more on the water than on land, many summers spent working on and leading trail crews led to a sincere love of hiking, backpacking – and most of all – encouraging others to get out on the trails!

She recently graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor’s in Sustainability Science & Practice. Her time in Missoula has also led to a budding love of trail running. She truly believes that an essential aspect of sustainable communities is the promotion of active lifestyles, and she is excited to encourage others to get out and move their bodies in her role at Run Wild!

When not working, she enjoys long walks and runs in the woods, road trips, knitting, trying new recipes with her partner, and nerding out about cool sustainability initiatives. Currently, Sidney is looking forward to her first trail race in the fall.

Angie Partain, Bookkeeper

She / Her / Hers

Angie grew up on the west coast and began calling Missoula home when she married a Missoula Native in 2002. She has always been in love with the great outdoors. Her very first race was the Missoula Half Marathon in 2014, which she ran as a bucket list item–after which she was hooked on distance running. Her first full marathon was in Salt Lake City in 2016. She has run countless races along the way on both road and trail, including successfully completing her half-marathon-a-month goal in 2017. Lately, Angie has taken to running trail more than road and is loving getting out in the mountains in the early morning hours with her hubby, Jeremy.

Angie has been a member of Run Wild Missoula since 2015 and is a frequent volunteer at Run Wild Missoula events as well as the Missoula Marathon. She gets especially excited when their 5 boys join in at running events. Angie’s other passions include quiet evenings at home with her family, cookouts, roller skating, camping in Glacier and growing flowers.