Run Wild Missoula

Tony Banovich High School Cross Country Scholarships

Tony Banovich was a passionate coach and advocate for all abilities of running, nevertheless, he strongly believed that all high school levels created impact for students. He saw high school running as the launching pad to lifelong runners. It is in his honor and with his spirit in mind that Run Wild Missoula through the Tony Banovich Memorial Fund is offering high school XC scholarships for gear and races.


Applications will be open August through October for each participating season.



  • Incoming grades 9-12
  • Attending Missoula Hellgate, Sentinel, Big Sky High School or Plains High School.
  • Participating in fall Cross Country



  • (3) Missoula head coaches from schools listed above will receive 10 cards each
    • Plains HS head coach will receive (4) cards
  • Each card will have a QR code with website where card holder can register
    • Registration will require: name, address, participating school, preferred shirt size



Each recipient will receive:

  • $150 gift card to Runner’s Edge Missoula for custom fit and shoes (keeping in mind HS athletes receive a 10% discount, so value is $165)
  • Run Wild Missoula shirt
  • Run Wild Missoula accessory (socks, hat, visor, etc)
  • Complimentary entry code to the following Run Wild Missoula races


How it Works:

RWM alerts coaches of the program each summer and offer cards. Coaches can distribute cards as they see fit or parents and athletes can request cards from coach. Athletes or parents can fill out the online form and within a week, RWM will mail the package of items to recipient. For race registration, participant will register and enter code at checkout.



It is the policy of Run Wild Missoula that board members and employees of Run Wild Missoula will not disclose confidential information belonging to, or obtained through this program to any person, including their relatives, friends, and business and professional associates, unless Run Wild Missoula has authorized disclosure.


More Info:

For more information on this program please contact your head coach or email Trisha.