Run Wild Missoula

Charitable Giving


Contributed to our community this year to date.


Contributed to our community in 2023.


Total funds contributed to our community since 2007!

Run Wild Missoula is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and support running and walking for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our programs range from beginner runner training classes to advanced trail running classes. No matter what your fitness level, our goal is to keep you fit and healthy, and reap the health and social benefits that come with running and walking with other Run Wild Missoula members.


Run Wild Missoula races, training programs, and memberships are minimally fee-based to allow us to continue to fulfill our mission.  Members can attend weekly and monthly group runs, get a newsletter to stay informed about running/walking in the community, and receive discounts at local retail stores, physical therapists, massage therapists and more. Click here to find out more about Run Wild Missoula membership.


Run Wild Missoula projects, including races, training programs, seminars and trail projects, would not be possible without our 2,000 members, many whom give countless hours and energy. 


*Please note our fiscal year runs from September 1-August 31.



RWM 2024 Contributions Fiscal Year to Date

  • All Nations: $6,078
  • YWCA: $1,770
  • UMPTSA: $1,563
  • Montana Cup: $1,302
  • Missoula Food Bank: $10,022
  • Five Valley’s Land Trust:
    • $2,390 additional funds through RWM Programming & events
    • $25,000 [part II of 3-year $100,000 commitment]
  • Rising Hearts: $250
  • Moving Mountains Foundation: $1,000
  • Empower MT
    • $500 [MLK Jr Celebration]
    • $2,460 [ABY Program]
  • Friends of Missoula Parks [Marshall Mountain] $20,000
    • [part I of 3-year $60,000 commitment]
  • Go Run Missoula:
    • $3,000 [Scholarship fund donation]
    • $3,092 [GRM Ten Proceeds]
  • Missoula Firefighter’s Benevolent Assoc: $500 [Jack’s Bridge]
  • The Center: $2,185 [Heart Throb Proceeds]
  • Seeley Lake Elementary: $3,500 [Snow Joke]
  • Seeley Lake Community Foundation: $500 [Snow Joke]
  • Midday Move (United Way of Missoula): $6,000


Non-Cash Donations in 2024

  • 7,000 shirts for more than $6,000 in printing fees to Mountain West XC meet
  • Dozens of hydration handheld bottles and reflective vests

Run Wild Missoula Doing Good in 2023

  • All Nations: $5,604
  • YWCA: $1,445
  • UMPTSA: $1,625
  • Missoula Food Bank: $9,388
  • Five Valleys Land Trust
    • $25,000 [part II of 3-year $100,000 commitment]
    • $3,087 additional funds through RWM Programming & events
  • The Center: $2,009
  • Go Run Missoula: $3,304
  • Empower MT: $1,974
  • Trees for Missoula – $820
  • Missoula Parks & Rec – $3,000
  • International Traditional Games Society $800
  • Midday Move (United Way of Missoula) – $4,406
  • Friends of the M Trail – $995
  • Climate Smart Missoula – $6,261
  • Tony Banovich Memorial Fund – $3,206

Run Wild Missoula Contributions in 2022

  • Five Valley’s Land Trust: $100,000 commitment to support the next steps on the Dean Stone landscape including finishing the construction of the House of Sky Trail. Read the press release here.
    •  $50,000 in 2022   |   $25,000 in 2023   |   $25,000 in 2024
    • $2,418 additional funds through RWM programming & events
  • The Center: $1,878
  • Missoula Parks & Rec Conservation Lands: $5,657
  • Friends of The M Trail: $860
  • Trees for Missoula: $1,711
  • Missoula Food Bank: $9,752
  • YWCA Pathways Program: $1,000
  • UM Physical Therapy Student Association: $1,000
  • RWM announces the Tony Banovich High School Cross Country Scholarship Fund. Read more about the program here.

Non-Cash Donations in 2022

  • 400 Missoula Marathon gear bags (that were stuffed with school supplies & toiletries) sent to children in Browning
  • 50 stuffed Kids Marathon gear bags/capes/medals to children at Watsons Children’s Shelter
  • 1,800 ‘snack bags’ and 500 gear bags from the Missoula Marathon to the Poverello Center
  • 100 warm winter beanies from Turkey Day to the Poverello Center and 100 to the Watsons Children’s Shelter
  • 728 pounds of food to Missoula Food Bank during Thanksgiving food drive

Run Wild Missoula Contributed over $43K in 2021

The local nonprofit running club supports projects and programs in the community that help fulfill Run Wild Missoula’s mission to promote and support running and walking in the community. Additionally, Run Wild Missoula donates race proceeds from several events.


Run Wild Missoula’s largest contributions in 2021 were given to Friends of the M Trail for their restoration project and Missoula Project Beacon, in the amount of $10,000 each.


Our Run for Missoula Virtual Race Series benefited a different group each month with contributions totaling over $16,000.   Beneficiaries of the Run for Missoula series were: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Persons Montana; Missoula Aging Services; Missoula Downtown Association; Montana Food Bank Network; Opportunity Resources Inc; Soft Landing Missoula; Tamarack Grief Resource Center; The Center; UM Physical Therapy Student Association; United Way of Missoula County; and, Watson Children’s Shelter.


In addition to contributions from our races, our trail sessions brought in over $1,000 in donations to Five Valleys Land Trust.