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Yoga for Runners & Walkers with Missy Adams


Yoga for Runners & Walkers is designed specifically with the runners/walkers body in mind, and focuses on core work, stretching, strength and balance poses that will compliment all of the miles you are logging each week. In addition, each practice will include an emphasis on breathing and relaxation techniques that will help you release physical tension, de-stress and clear and quiet your mind. Whether you have just started walking or are training for a marathon, these classes will challenge and inspire you to keep you body and your mind healthy.


Fall 2023~Yoga for Runners & Walkers Class Information

Dates: September 11 – December 14, 2023


In order to meet the needs of all participants, we will continue to offer both in-person AND virtual classes this spring. 

    • In-person classes will be held downstairs at the Runners Edge. We ask that participants bring their own yoga mat if they have one, and practice at home if they have been exposed to or are currently experiencing cold, flu or Covid-19 symptoms.
    • For those of you who live out of town or simply prefer to practice in the comfort of your own home, we will continue offering a live version of these classes via Google Meet. Google Meet participants will be admitted 5 minutes prior to the start class and will have the opportunity to engage with the instructor and offer feedback and requests before and after class.
    • In addition, a weekly bonus practice will be uploaded to our Yoga for Runners & Walkers~Fall 2023 YouTube playlist. These classes allow participants the option of incorporating additional practices each week at a time that works best with their schedule. These classes will vary in length and offer a variety of 10-20 minutes strength and stretching classes, as well as 60 minute Hatha Yoga practices.


MONDAY LUNCH YOGA  (12:15-1:00pm)

In-person OR Google Meet (+ unlimited weekly YouTube practices)



In-person OR Google Meet (+ unlimited weekly YouTube practices)


  • $140 for the 14 week session for Run Wild Missoula members, $160 for non-members. Weekly fee includes two in-person or virtual classes, plus unlimited classes on the Yoga for Runners and Walkers YouTube playlist.
  • Cash, check or Venmo accepted.
  • Checks made out to Run Yoga Missoula can be mailed to:
    • 400 North Avenue East   Missoula, MT  59801
  • Venmo:  @Missy-Adams-5

If you have questions or would like to register, email Missy Adams.

“I joined Run Wild Missoula because I believe in their mission to be inclusive of all runners and walkers regardless of age, pace or ability. I’ve been teaching yoga for RWM members since 2007, and have enjoyed every moment as I am passionate about running and I believe that yoga is the perfect compliment.”

- Missy A.