Run Wild Missoula

RWM Race Directors & Key Volunteers

If you are interested in becoming a RWM Race Director, Class Leader, Key Volunteer or wish to join the Missoula Marathon Race Committee, please email Trisha.  

Adam Peterman (Resolution Run 5K)

Andy Nelson (Heart Throb 5K)

Scott & Dara Rouse (Run for the Luck of It! 7 Mile and 5K)

Nonnie Cobb (Run for the Trees 10K and 5K)

Jamie Swartz (Pengelly Double Dip and Bob Hayes Single Dip)

Kris Brown (River City Roots 4 Mile Fun Run)

Amber Ball (Fierce Fab Womens Running Festival)

Justin Grigg (City to Sky 50K)

Ben Schmidt (Skeleton Skedaddle 5K and Kids Pumpkin Plod)

Jess Zephyrs (Mount Jumbo Elk Ramble)

Kristie Ruttenbur (Turkey Day 8K & 3K Family Fun Run)


Abby Margolis (Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon Training – Class Leader)

Tim Mosbacher (Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon Training Class- Assistant Coach)

Braelynne Shell (Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon Training Class- Assistant Coach)

Julia Crocker (Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon Training Class- Assistant Coach)

Kelsi Camp (Beginner Running)
Spring Mills (Beginner Running)
Miranda Ming (Beginner Running)

Vicky Mix
Cathy Ficher
Terri Nichols
Emma Hauser
Natalie Bond
Alec Cotrell
Michael Jahnke
Ashley Mix
J Scott Chapman
Marin Felz
Autumn Holm
Mattea Prison
Justin Grigg
Kristina Pattison
Christy Von Lanken
Sarah Krout
Logan Lund
Josh Pierce
Ryan Mellam
Scott Davis
Greg Englehart
Becky Margolis
Liz Boeheim

Courtney Babcock (Tuesday Track)

Missy Adams (Tuesday/ Wednesday Yoga)

Chad Taylor (Wednesday Wild Miles)

Tim Mosbacher (Saturday Breakfast Run)

Tim Mosbacher (Sunday Long Run)

Dana Bandy (Chancellor of Libations – Beer Runs)

Liz Darnell (Hot Walk)

Pam Gardiner (Back of the Pack – BOP Socials)


Members of the 2024 Missoula Marathon Organizing Committee include:

Anders Brooker (Announcer, Technical Advisor)

Ashley Cossairt (Registration Director)

Asia Riel (Marathon Feast Coordinator)

Chad Taylor (Aid Stations Director)

Chris Carey (Youth Homes R4K)

Dan Decato (Half Marathon Pacer Leader)

Dana Bandy (Finish Line Director & Beer Run Director)

Danette Rogers (Volunteer Director)

Darren Bayer (Expo Co-Coordinator)

Dean McGovern (Marathon Pacer Corps)

Ethel Macdonald (Bike Monitor Coordinator)

Hillary Ogg (Official Merchandise Sales Coordinator)

Ian Zhang (Chief Sustainability Officer)

Jason Pounds (Branding)

Jeff Dohn (Bus Load Coordinator)

Jeremy Partain (Missoula 5K Director)

Jen Grigg (Equipment Director & Course Assitant)

Jenn Culp, PA-C (Medical Director)

Jordan Krause (Missoula Kids Marathon)

Kara Bartlett (Destination Missoula Rep)

Kim Joyner-O’Connor (Kids Marathon)

Lee Macholz (Course Director)

Margie Menendez (Marathon Pacer Corps)

Nick Pino (Half Marathon Start)

Russell LaFontaine (Half Marathon Start)

Scott & Dara Rouse (Marathon Start)

Stephanie Raddatz (Expo Co-Coordinator)

Tim Mosbacher (Elite Athlete Director)

Torrey Holmquist (Marketing/Advice)

"I joined RWM back in 2008 because I wanted to run a Marathon and training alone I could never get myself out the door or go for runs more than 4-5 miles. Five years later I've completed that Marathon and countless half marathons with the help of the Spring Marathon training class and encouragement of the coaches and other runners. The biggest benefit of the club though has been all the great people I've met that I can now call my best running friends."

- Miranda M.