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Mileage Club

1,200/2,000 Mileage Club

Run Wild Missoula Membership Required.    


Why Log Your Miles?  


This is a great way to see how much running our club really does!  So, post those miles and let’s see how far we go in 2024. Even if you don’t think you will run 1200 or 2000 miles, log those miles! We love to see how many miles our club members run throughout the year. Besides bragging rights, 2024’s 1200/ 2000 Mile Club members receive a Run Wild Missoula customized gift – with either “1200 Mile Club” or “2000 Mile Club” proudly proclaimed for the world to see.


1200 or 2000 Miles is a Big Number!?

  • 1200 Miles: if you run just over 23 miles a week for 52 weeks, you are in reach of 1200 miles
  • 2000 Miles: it’s just over 38 miles a week for 52 weeks!
  • If you typically run a bit less, but train for one or two bigger races a year, you could easily reach the target.
  • And, if you get within shooting distance in December, you could run a few extra miles just to say, “I did it!”

How to Log Your Miles  

Once you have “signed up” for the RWM Mileage Club on RunSignup, log your miles under the “results” tab in the lefthand menu.  You may log your miles daily, weekly, monthly – whatever works for you!  If you accidentally enter the wrong number of miles, just press the edit or delete graphic next to your mileage entry. Mileage for 2024 must be logged into the system by 11:59 pm by January 8, 2025. Need some additional help? Watch our short video tutorial!  

Log Your Miles Today!



  • To be eligible for the 2024 Mileage Club, you must be a current Run Wild Missoula Member.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to keep an accurate count of mileage. It is also the member’s responsibility to submit mileage to the 1200/2000 Mileage Club by January 8, 2025.
  • Tracked mileage should only be running and/or walking miles. Other activities such as biking and skiing DO NOT count.  We are a running and walking club after all!
  • The mileage club tracks intentional activity. In other words, please track only specific runs and/or walks in your day that you are dedicating toward a fit and active lifestyle. The mileage tracker is not to be used to track TOTAL daily mileage that would include activities such as walking at work, walking around downtown, walking while shopping, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Sidney.


Run Wild Missoula contributes to the running community by organizing races, training programs, group runs and other events. We also support and contribute to projects in the community that promote and support runners and walkers.




"I joined Run Wild Missoula in order to prep for the Missoula Half Marathon, for the added discipline that comes with training alongside 200 other people, rather than just flying solo. Plus: Sweet shirt. Sweet discounts. Good people."

- Brian K.