Run Wild Missoula

Virtual Half Marathon

September 1-30, 2024

Mntwi l Nłʔay Virtual Half Marathon

Thank you for all the donations and participation in the 2023 Mntwi l Nłʔay Virtual Half Marathon!


Participant donations and proceeds from this event totalled $6,078 donated to the All Nations Health Center! Thank you so much for your generous giving to an incredibly vital organization in our community.

We look forward to offering this event again in 2024!  



Run Wild Missoula is honored to offer a Virtual Half Marathon with  100% of race proceeds going to All Nations Health Center; to deepen our commitment to learning more about and supporting our local Indigenous communities. Through partnership and education and in accordance with our mission and values, RWM is passionate to fostering a more inclusive community.


Race Beneficiary:

All proceeds from this event will be donated to All Nations Health Center General Donation Fund. All Nations Health Center (All Nations) is one of 41 Urban Indian Health Programs (UIHP) located throughout the United States. The founders of this organization saw a need for Native Americans who have left their reservation to seek a better way of life through higher education and/or employment to have a place to come together as Indian people to practice and preserve their culture. All Nations proudly offers a comprehensive suite of healthcare services from full medical services to behavioral health services.






We have been in communication with members from the Tribal History & Ethnography Projects SéliÅ¡-QlÌ“ispé Culture Committee of the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes. They have presented us with our race name,   Mntwi l Nłʔay  (Man-to-e el En-th-a-eye) which translates to,  Running-in-Place-of-Small-Bull-Trout  (Missoula).


Click below for a pronunciation of Mntwi l Nłʔay  (Man-to-e el En-th-a-eye)


Run Wild Missoula acknowledges that we are in the homelands of the Salish and Kalispel people. Today, we offer our respect for their history and culture, for their ancient and continuing presence in this landscape, and for the path they have shown us in caring for this place for the generations to come.


To learn more about Running on Native Lands or discover which lands you are running on,  click here.


Logo Designer:

Meet Robyn Kay Iron!  

Robyn is a Featured Artist in the Montana Indian Business Alliance and Founder of the Indigenous Artists Collaboration, a collective event to support Indigenous Artists. Robyn grew up in a very small housing community known as Muddy Cluster, located on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. Robyn is a descendent of the Crow and Northern Cheyenne tribes. She is currently studying Digital Design Technology at Salish Kootenai College, specializing in Indigenous inspired designs.

After completing her degree in Digital Arts she will continue to the University of Montana, into the photojournalism program. Robyn’s ultimate goal is, “to photograph stories of Indigenous people and address our most unspoken events. A picture tells a story and I want to be there to capture it.”

You can learn more about Robyn and view her portfolio here.


“The significance of the Bitterroot is to recognize that the bitterroot saved the Salish and Kootenai tribes at one point and time. The three mountains represent ‘The place of the Small Bull trout’ and are recreated from a photo from the 1800s in Missoula. The bottom portion is representing the Clark Fork that runs through town. The flower sequence is inspired by traditional Salish beadwork, which  incorporates a lot of floral beadwork. I did a lot of environmental scanning and research to incorporate, designs reactive  to their culture.  “


As outlined in the race waiver & acknowledgement, entry fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-deferrable. To view the RWM race cancellation policy, click here.


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September 1-30, 2023

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"I always wanted to support and show appreciation for all the work that [Run Wild Missoula] had invested in allowing me to have the pleasure of racing. But more than that I feel a kinship with other runners. I 'belong' to an entity that both supports me in my passion and encourages me to enjoy it more fully."

- Glen G.