Run Wild Missoula

Montana Cup

We’re looking for runners to make Missoula proud at the 2022 Montana Cup, a classic Montana event.


Missoula is the host for the 30th annual Montana Cup; and, Missoula is looking to secure several team trophies. Let’s show the rest of the state how proud we are to wear the Missoula Maroon jerseys!!


Date: TBD


We’ll also set up tents and tarps for a Team Missoula “camp” at the race site.


Contact us for more information.

"I joined RWM in the winter of 2010 to help me train for the Missoula Marathon, to raise money for the Reeve Foundation in honor of Bob Heinle. What I've gotten out of my membership is a great deal more. Training, yes. But also the friendship of people who treated me as if I were already an athlete, from the very beginning. Each contact with someone from RWM has been a gift of health and joy. That may seem like hyperbole, but it is not. This organization is FANTASTIC!"

– Kimberly D.