Exploring One of Missoula’s Newest Trails: The Woodsy Spur Pedestrian Trail Extension

Exciting news for trail enthusiasts in Missoula! The South Hills have seen a lot of trail development in the last few years, and we would like to welcome the newest one: the Woodsy Spur Pedestrian Trail Extension. Completed in part by Run Wild Missoula members (you!!!!), this new trail provides a vital pedestrian-only connection between the Barmeyer Trail and the Sousa Trail.

Photo Credit: City of Missoula Conservation Lands

With the addition of this trail, there are now 0.6 miles of new, hand-built singletrack on Missoula’s City Conservation Lands and a key connection to the Barmeyer Pedestrian Trail and the Sousa multi-use trail on Lower Mt. Dean Stone. This connector trail splits off from the Barmeyer pedestrian trail, climbing ~360 feet to the Sousa trail. With the new connection between these two trails, there are numerous new loop options for runners and hikers on the lower portion of Mt. Dean Stone!

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Missoula City Conservation Lands staff, Montana Conservation Corps, all the Run Wild Missoula volunteers, and everyone else who worked so hard to bring us this incredible new trail. Your hard work and dedication has opened up such an exciting new opportunity for trail running in Missoula!

If your feet are itching for some singletrack and you can’t wait for the snow to thaw (we know we can’t), we recommend traction devices on the trails to keep your footing solid! Lace up your shoes and get ready to discover the fun, flowy singletrack of the Woodsy Spur Pedestrian Trail Extension – see you out there!

Woodsy Spur Pedestrian Trail Extension: By The Numbers

Distance: 0.6 miles

Elevation Gain/Loss: +/- 360 ft

Run Wild Missoula Cumulative Volunteer Hours: 36

New Mid-Mountain Loop Possibilities: Endless!

Map Credit: City of Missoula Conservation Lands