Run Wild Missoula


Run Wild Missoula’s history dates back to 1986 when the Missoula Road and Track Club was formed. The club started organizing several races, group runs, and published a newsletter — all with volunteer power.


In 2007, Jennifer Straughan approached the Missoula Road and Track Club about organizing a marathon. At that point the club was doing very little. Jennifer was able to generate excitement about the marathon and the club decided to change its name to Run Wild Missoula and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Run Wild Missoula, they decided, would sound more inclusive to all runners and walkers regardless of age or ability.


The first Missoula Marathon was a success. And after its third year the race was named the #1 marathon in the country by Runner’s World magazine readers. In 2011 it was named the Montana Tourism Event of the Year.


Run Wild Missoula now has four employees, a Board of Directors, and hundreds of other volunteers. The club has over 1,600 members, organizes over a dozen races a year, several training classes, weekly group runs, social gatherings and more. Find your pace with us and join today!

"Way back in the 1980s I joined Missoula Road & Track Club (MR&TC) to be part of the running community. With the name change in 2007 came a marathon, enthusiastic leadership, new runners inspired with classes and activities, and a huge active membership! Missoula running has never been better, thanks to RWM, and I'm proud to be a member."

- Ethel M.