Montana Trail Crew Interview Series: Jeffonte

Montana Trail Crew Interview Series: Jeffonte
By Forrest Boughner

Jeff Mogavero and Monte Cole are relatively new to the trail scene in Western Montana, but have quickly made their mark in Missoula. 

Jeff first came to Missoula on after being picked up hitchhiking by Montana Trail Crew founder Jimmy Grant and now is ingrained in the community as an employee at Runner’s Edge and frequently hanging ten on the river. 

Missoula picked up Monte in a free agency trade from Helena then helped the Missoula Men retake the Montana Cup, much to the chagrin of Helena. He just took the LSAT, but spends most of his time trail running, at the Good Food Store, or basking in his sun lamp. 

Upon meeting the pair, it’s difficult to not notice their infectious energy and love for trail running. If you watched the 2020 Treadmill Challenge you know that these two run fast, dance hard, and laugh loud.