Member Spotlight: Ike!

For our February member spotlight, we are joined by Run Wild Missoula’s top canine member! This 10 year old Border Collie loves to run, jump, fetch sticks, and cause general mischief. While many may know him by the moniker “Fastest Dog in the West”, we know and love him by the name Ike!

Ike honored us with his presence in the Run Wild Missoula office this past month, and was kind enough to answer some questions. We’re very grateful this highly revered local celebrity took the time to chat with us. Read on to learn more about Ike’s story, his pre-run tips, favorite foods, opinions on mail carriers, and more!

Welcome to the Run Wild Missoula office, Ike! The first thing we wish to know is how did you and your dad Dana meet, and how did you come to be a part of Run Wild Missoula?

I spent my early days on a ranch in Hamilton. Unfortunately, I wasn’t cut out to be a ranch dog (I wanted to play with the cows more than herd them!), and my owner was mean to me because of that. One day, a Very Nice Lady came by, let me hop up into the back of her pickup, and drove me north into the city to a house with a man standing on the porch. This man was a Very Nice Man whose old dog had passed away some months ago, and was looking for a new best friend. I jumped out of the back of the pickup truck, ran through his front gate, and leapt right into his arms. Right away, I knew I was home with my dad! I hated men, but I knew my dad was different.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, my dad’s old dog had passed away the very same day I was born. I think this shows that we were always meant to be.

As for Run Wild Missoula, I go where my dad goes, and my dad loves Run Wild!

What is your pre-run routine? Any special stretches or warm-ups?

Well, downward dog of course! And jumping jacks! I’m known for jumping very, very high when I want to! 

What is your favorite thing to do when your human isn’t home?

I really like to steal my dad’s dirty clothes from the laundry hamper and drag them into the living room! And sometimes if I want to have extra fun, I’ll drag them into the backyard through the doggy door!

What is your go-to trick to get some extra treats?

Looking cute. Pure and simple. It is pretty easy for me, after all.

What is the tastiest thing you’ve ever eaten that wasn’t meant for dogs?

My favorite would have to be the entire corndog I “borrowed” out of somebody’s hand. As far as I’m concerned, they were holding it at my eye level, so it was obviously meant for me! They hadn’t even taken a bite out of it yet. I rest my case.

I’ve also made off with one of the pies from the Turkey Day race. I don’t think that one was actually meant for me. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

Ike, we see you rocking a variety of bandanas at Run Wild Missoula races and events. Which one is your favorite?

Definitely the checkered one!

What is your opinion on mail carriers and delivery people?

I hate them. I hate them so much. I yell at them every time they approach our house, and I’ve found that if I keep yelling at them, they will always leave, especially if I knock down the plant in the front window in the process. Obviously, this method of dealing with them is foolproof. You’re welcome dad! Woof!

What is your least favorite part about races?

The starting gun! And loud music sometimes. And not being able to run with everyone.

And finally, what is your favorite Run Wild Missoula race to be a part of?

Oh, that’s easy! I love the Mt. Jumbo Elk Ramble! I get to run *so fast* on that big field, and there’s plenty of people who will throw things for me to fetch and other dogs to play with!

Want the chance to meet Ike for yourself? Join us at the 45th Annual Snow Joke Half Marathon in Seeley Lake on Feb 24, 2024! This iconic race is famously canine friendly, and will provide many opportunities to say hi to Ike and his other four legged furry friends!