Run Wild Missoula

A Community That Moves Together

Running and walking aren't just good for the heart, they're great ways to be a part of something bigger - a community. Read on, and find your place (and pace) with us.

Welcome to Run Wild Missoula

Our mission is to support Missoula's runners and walkers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. With 2,000+ members, you'll find like-minded movers - along with plenty of ways to expand your view of Missoula. We are proud to be a group suited for both beginners and elites, offering a full slate of yearly races, weekly training groups, educational events, volunteer opportunities and everything in between. If you want to get fit, compete, or meet new folks, join us and get moving.

Why Become a Member of RWM?

Whether you're a big-time joiner or a bit of a running loner, you'll find plenty of benefits to joining RWM. Our members have access to training groups, track workouts, races, seminars, discounts and much more.

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Charitable Giving

We crisscross this town on foot, and we believe it's worth protecting. See how we use our collective energy (and thousands of dollars in race proceeds) to give back.

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"RWM is truly open to everyone, regardless of age, speed or running experience. The only prerequisite is the desire to run."

- Dana F. G.