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Tuesday Track

Tuesday Track is scheduled to return to Dornblaser in March 2022, weather permitting.

  • March 15 – August 30, 2022, at 6:00 PM. Workouts are held at University of Montana track, at Dornblaser Stadium. Workouts start at 6:00 PM and will include drills around the track (runners separate into 2 – 3 different groups). Runners should warm up on their own, before 6:00 PM, with a 1/2 – 1 mile warm up and cool down post-workout on their own. Please use the bathroom before you get to the track, as the track bathrooms will not be open.
  • September 6 – October 25, 2022, at 6:00 PM. Workouts will focus on cross country running in preparation of the annual Montana Cup races. Meet near the parking lot behind the SE corner of Dornblaser Stadium. Runners should warm up on their own before 6:00 PM with a 1/2 to 1 mile warm up. Post workout cool down on their own.
  • November 2 through early March 2022, at 5:30 PM. Will meet at Run Wild Missoula (304 N Higgins Ave, basement of Runner’s Edge). Courtney will go over the workout with the group and runners will head out onto the Milwaukee Trail or other good footing location..



These workouts are with the understanding that you are running at least 2-3x a week for a minimum of 3 miles. This is a four week workout progression with the goal of having you join the regular workouts on Week 4.


Week 1 – 6-8x 400m (.25) – take 1-2 mins rest – steady and relaxed, try and keep each one around the same time… don’t go out too fast. It’s better to pick it up as you go and learn how fast you can go and still finish the workout feeling strong. Learning pace comes with doing it more. By week 4 you’ll have a better understanding of what “fast” feels like. This workout is 1.5 to 2 miles total hard running.


Week 2 – 8-10x 400m with 1-2 mins rest – same as last week, just a little further. Goal is to feel stronger going further, not so much about getting faster yet… This workout is 2.0-2.5 miles of hard running.


Week 3 – 3x 800m (.5 miles) , 3x 400 – all with 2:00 rest – Steady and relaxed, consistent pace is the goal. Practice positive self talk as you start to go longer. This workout is 2.25 miles of hard running.


Week 4 – you can start to join in the regular workouts…. and adjust as needed! You got this. We are all stronger than we think 🙂


For more opportunities with Courtney, follow @Key2running on Instagram or Key Running w/ Courtney on Facebook.

Cost: Free to Run Wild Missoula members.

Tuesday Track is a great way to get your speed workout in (no matter your speed!) each week and take advantage of workouts led by Coach Courtney Babcock, a former Olympic athlete. Workouts change location and focus depending on the time of year. Read on below for an explanation of different locations and specific dates, or click here for a write up on Tuesday Track.


Questions? Email Coach Courtney Babcock.


Please review RWM’s Rules of the Run Policy here

"The main reason I like [being a member of RWM] is being surrounded by so many positive, healthy and energetic people. Plus I enjoy being part of this amazing community of people that do so many positive things in and around Missoula!"

– Maggie W.