Run Wild Missoula

Inclusive Running

Thursday, February 15, 2024

The Intersection of Gender & Running in the Missoula Community


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Join Run Wild Missoula, local runners and members of the LGBTQIA+ community and experts for an evening of presentations, panel discussions and a Q&A session.


Enjoy personal anecdotes and learn about the many nuances of gender in sport, why representation matters, and how our community can come together through our common love of running.

We are inviting all communities to come and engage, hear stories and ask questions. Although the common thread is running, we will explore into creating safe spaces and the nuances of gender inclusion. It is a wonderful event for not only runners, but parents, coaches, educators and allies. 


No RSVP required. This is a free event. 


We also hope to live stream this event on our Facebook page


February 15, 2024

Start Time:

6:00 PM

Start Location:

Zootown Arts Community Center - 216 W Main, Downtown Missoula

Zeke Cork

Zeke is a 63-year-old trans man who grew up in Missoula. He was a sprinter for the Hellgate Knights believing the 800 was distance running. A lot has changed since then. He lives by the motto, “Be who you wanted to be when you were younger.” Now, a mid-packer who loves anything from the 5K to the half marathon. He especially loves running local trails. Zeke has worked more than 40 years in transportation, a heavily white, male-dominated industry. He says, “Running as a man with men and competing against them feels different then living as a woman trying to survive in the world of men. It’s easier, far less stressful. He is a board member for the Western Montana LGBTQ+ Center in Missoula and dedicated to supporting and educating individuals, families and communities with facts not fear. He lives in Missoula with his wife and two rescue mutts.

Miles Shuck

Miles’ journey to becoming a runner has been a bit haphazard. He ran his first race, The Colfax Half Marathon, in 2013, because his friends asked him to–which he forgot about– and then ran only twice before completing the race. Many lessons were learned that day. Since then, Miles has become far better at planning and prepping for races, completing his second long race–The Missoula Half Marathon– this past summer. It was an affirming experience to be able to run in the non- binary category. Miles is passionate about supporting Run Wild Missoula in its mission to help Montanans of all backgrounds, identities, and abilities to connect to nature and community through movement. Miles works as a UX researcher.

Piper Eastwood

Piper is a 26 year old woman who feels most herself while moving in the mountains. She was the first openly trans woman to compete at the NCAA Division 1 level in track and cross country. A lifelong runner, she now primarily runs trails, and is an aspiring ultramarathoner and overall mountain athlete! While completing a Master’s Degree in Environmental Philosophy, she focused on technology-light or technology-free running as a means toward a closer connection to the natural world. Piper still does not run with a watch, but after a few-year hiatus from competition, she plans to race in a few of Missoula’s favorite trail races throughout 2024. When she’s not running, Piper works as an adjunct professor for the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program at the University of Montana, and as a ski instructor at Discovery Ski Area.

Kassia Finn

Kassia has been educating and supporting caregivers, parents and partners of gender diverse individuals since her son came out more than a decade ago. She consults throughout MT with healthcare clinics, schools and businesses on how to be LGBTQIA+ affirming. She creates and facilitates Gender 101 trainings that are specifically tailored. She has spoken to the Montana chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and many medical school cohorts on the positive impacts of providing affirming care. During the legislative session, Kassia can be found testifying and advocating for the trans+ community. Kassia lives in Missoula with her partner, three children (two are gender diverse and one is basic), and many pets.

Patti Flynn

Patti Flynn leads with her heart and mindfulness. She has 25+ years of process improvement and change management experience in manufacturing, distribution, and sales/service operations. She is at the forefront of equality and diversity both professionally and in her personal life. Making a difference in an ever-changing world, she helps others that are also trying to grow and improve themselves. As a trans woman who wasn’t able to be herself until recently, she understands how important it is for LGBTQ people to be able to see themselves out in the world. For fun, she likes to run across mountains and ride her bike all over the Midwest.

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